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The Book of Ecclesiastes Series

This verse-by-verse study of Ecclesiastes is the biography of a believer seeking happiness apart from a relationship with God. As the king of Israel, Solomon experimented with every possible form of happiness in this life, including education, psychology, success, marriage, sex and intimate relationships, family, reputation, time orientation, giving, and fatalism. Yet all of his […]

The Cross Throughout the Scriptures

The Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ provided unlimited atonement and redemption for fallen man, as well as a resolution to the angelic conflict. Our Lord’s substitutionary spiritual death on the Cross is a constant point of focus all throughout the Scriptures. The Cross was first mentioned in Genesis 3:15, when the first promise of […]

The Angelic Conflict (2 CD set)

The angelic conflict is the result of prehistoric creatures being in opposition to God. It began with the independence and rebellion of the one who was the Messiah’s angel, Satan, and it continues throughout human history until the end of the Millennium. The angelic conflict answers many basic questions about life, such as – “Why was […]

Marriage Series

This 90-hour study gives us an in-depth illustration of what the Word of God teaches us regarding Relationships, Dating, and Marriage. 4 volumes are currently available in MP3 CD format

Moses Series

Moses Series. An in-depth look into the life of a Biblical Hero.

Basics Series

Basic Series This series includes recommended lessons for new believers. It is designed to acquaint the believer with basic Christian doctrine to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Word of God? Audio Book

Audio Book Do You Believe the Bible is the Word of God.

The Book of 1st Timothy Series

1 Timothy Series This series contains 813 hours of teaching on various subjects in the Word of God.

The Book of Philippians Series

The Philippians Series A verse-by-verse study of subjects in the book of Philippians.

The Book of John Series

This series covers 224 doctrinal messages relating to the gospel of John

The Israeli:Arab Conflict Series

Israeli-Arab Conflict Series on MP3 CD  The Israeli/Arab conflict series began on September 16th 2001, in response to September 11. This study traces the origin of the Israeli/Arab conflict from a Biblical and historical perspective. Series totals 379 hours of teaching.