Order Audio Bible Class MP3 Series

The Book of Colossians Series

A 1563-hour series on the book of Colossians, covering a multitude of doctrinal subjects. (Classes MC42-1436-1538,1540-1557 from this series are now available as the Ecclesiastes Series.)

The New Believers Series

This series of recommended lessons for new believers consists of 17 hours of recorded face to face teachings of the Word of God. It is designed to acquaint the new believer with basic Christian doctrine to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Available in MP3 format on 1 CD.

The Prosperity Series

1 CD with 21 hours of Bible Doctrine detailing what God’s Word says regarding Prosperity and how to obtain it God’s way.

The Book of Job Series

3 CD set with 56 hours of Bible teachings on the Book of Job

Dispensations Series

Dispensations Series on MP3 CD 2 CD set of doctrine dealing with the important subject of Dispensations.

The Doctrine Of The Pivot

45 hours relating to the Doctrine of the pivot.

The Book of Philemon Series

This series illustrates the tremendous forgiveness and grace orientation of the apostle Paul’s close friend Philemon.

The Book of Romans

Romans Series 1,375 Hours of Bible Doctrine studying the book of Romans.